beautika (hang lekir)

Spicy and yummy (yet so expensive)!

Sorry, I forgot to take the food pictures.

I ordered this menu + review:

1. Ayam suwir rica-rica: it’s very spicyyy…. but you just want it more and more.

2. My bf had ikan patin: He said it’s pretty good.

3. rujak manado yang uneaakk tenaaannn… the sugar caramel sauce is really thick and chewy.. And actually they separate the peanut crumbs.. so you can sprinkle it on top of the sugar caramel. It was really damn good! But it’s very pricey, IDR 20,000. The usual rujak is only IDR 10,000 (at other place).

We only order ice tea for drink, yet total bill is IDR 180,000 something.

My bf said, don’t ask him there often.. ahhahaa..

Audrey Megu-chan

so cute!!

with obasang -my mom 😀

proudly introduce my new born niece: Audrey Megumi!! born in Hiroshima, Japan -6 May 2011 🙂

haven’t touch her yet (since she’s so faraway)….but love her so mucchhh!!!

koi kemang


Today me and my marketing team have dinner at KOI kemang, the new place located near 7eleven kemang. they just moved from saberro house (right next to McD kemang, such a tiny place and mixed with painting gallery.. maybe that’s why it’s so quiet those days).  Now, at the new place… my indian boss said their business is doing great.. they always full at noon and nite (he lived nearby kemang, walking distance from KOI).

well, since it’s free…. so I tried most of the things.

started by light snacks (price around 40-50k each):

1. caesar salad >> tastes good.. even though i dont know is caesar salad only consist of lettuce and cheese? i want some

cherry tomatoes please!!

2. escargot >> since i never tried one before, have no idea a good escargot is. my boss said, the cheese flavor is not strong enough. the texture is chewy and the cheese is quite strong, i guess. but the taste is tawar.

3. belgian fries with 3 kinds of sauces >> just an ordinary fries.

4. onion ring >> oily and not very appetizing.

5. chicken wing >> i’d prefer pizza hut’s wing (but not the teriyaki one!)

6. bitterballen >> just an ordinary bitter ballen… mashed potato fries with bread flour.

but… the drink was super!!! i looooveee my orange juice pitcher.. it’s a fresh sunkist mandarin orange, with no sour taste at all. me and my friend finish 1 pitcher!! and she even ordered additional strawberry smoothies.

for main course, i ordered hanger steak.. 150k++, and the meat is even chewy… oh Gosh, for a steak priced at 150k, you can get better!!

my boss ordered wine, red and white. i ordered red wine, and because i never drinked one.. i hate it, hahaha.. i’m a silly drinker, so never asked me what’s a good alcohol is. i’d prefer rose wine deluca, the sweet silly wine ;p

Kitchenette Plaza Indonesia

Me and jeff -my BF having lunch at kitchenette 3 weeks ago. I was craved for it, because my friend wrote on her status in facebook that she had a very nice dinner with hubby at kitchenette a day before.

so, i cancelled my appointment with Jeff at 4fingers (already craved for it as well, because of my friend’s recommendation), then changed my direction to Kitchenette plaza indonesia instead. we already passed the resto for several times after watching movie upstairs (XXI plaza indonesia), but we never had the courage to go there, because it’s expensive!

and now the moment is right, so I asked my friend the price rang, she said the drinks and dessert around 35k and main course around 60-70k.

we arrived around 12pm, yet it’s already very crowded there. we only got seat at the outer area… actually the place setting is not so good because i feel like people passing by at the mall are watching us eating. i don’t pay that much to act like a monkey show! hehehe…

anyway, i asked the specialty foods there… the waiter asked me in return, do i want rice or pasta. i said, i want pasta. so, he told me to order spaghetti or penne with mozarella. I ended up ordering penne (price 79k++), since i don’t really like spaghetti, even it’s aglio olio. I saw an interesting drink at a table besides mine, a lady was having it.

the waiter said, it’s some kind of lychee ice tea. then i said, i want one. the price is 33k++.

Jeff ordered carrot cake (35k) and cappucinno (32k), since he just had his lunch at home.


– penne mozarella is okay, looks like a petite portion (for the price i paid), but apparently it’s magteuh enough to make me full.

– i don’t like the lychee ice tea.. it’s just like drinking black coffee and lychee kalengan.

– Jeff like his cappucinno and carrot cake very much.

me and my lychee ice tea



me, bf, and ellen -my gal, went to 4fingers Episentrum Kuningan, Jakarta a month ago. I’ve been wanting to go there since several weeks before because my colleague in Saatchi&Saatchi said the finger foods was damn good, especially spicy chicken wing.

It’s kind of hard to find the place because episentrum is like a maze, so cluttered. so, i ask the information lady, but still we need to look carefully ’til we finally find the place.

they make the ambience just like in New York subway train station. We choose sofa seat near the corner, and find out the sofa was not that comfy. i ordered in cashier, because their system is just like fast food. you order, pay, and then they will give you a number to deliver the foods. they have a package of 6 chicken wings and 2 drinks, the price is approx 70k.

the service is so long, we waited around 30 minutes! in fact the restaurant is not that crowded.. my bf even noticing the desk besides us waiting for almost 1 hour.

when i saw the chicken wings at first… i thought it was over burned!! the color is so dark, it’s like the chicken has been slurped by honey, and they being grilled. when i ate it, the flavor was so strong, mix of sweet, sour, and salty. i couldn’t find any spicy flavor in it (as indonesian tongue standard). but when i swallowed it, i can feel spicy in the end of my throat.

overall, compare to the price we paid, it’s not that worth… disappointed. won’t go there again 😉