Disneyland Paris!

I went to Disneyland last weekend, and I were so excited!

I went with Erasmus Student Network (http://www.facebook.com/esn.rsf?fref=ts) only for 55 euro all in 😀 so cheap, right?

we went at 5 AM, apparently journey to Disneyland is around 4.5 hours.. so long and tiring. But when we got to Disneyland, I lost all the fatigue and black circled eyes 🙂

Happy :)

I know I were rarely writing something happy here, since 2 months ago.. Well, a tragedy in end of September has cause that..

But now, I have decided to be happy 🙂

If someone with 2 kids and tons of work can be happy, why can’t I?

Andddd… God has granted my prayer! the moment I tried to accept and enjoy everything, My noisy loud voice neighbor has moved back to her country! Iyeeeaaayyy….!

I thought she would moved in December, but she moved faster.. OMG, this is a miracle! Merci mon Dieu!

Inspiration :)

2 nights ago, God has give me inspirations.. He taught me not to be cranky and complainer 🙂

Anyway, here I am.. enjoying breathing in Rennes again.

My room is getting warmer now, not as warm as I expected, but I guess it’s enough. And by making peace with myself regarding that “uh-ah” sound upstairs and my noisy neighbor, I feel better. She won’t getting tranquile, but I can start to annoy those sounds, like everybody else. I guess this is the “essence of life” I demanded long time ago 🙂

Nobody said it’s gonna be easy, but I’m sure it’s worth it 🙂

I am so excited after found out the asian supermarket! I am so excited to cook this and that.. Especially when I see meatball! baksoooo! it’s my favorite food ever!

I have made a menu schedule for myself.. and I wanna eat that meatball tomorrow, but I can’t! Oh noooo!

mardi: I think I won’t have a proper dinner, since I need to do the play 😦

mercredi: rice+chicken soup.. i need to finish my chicken, otherwise it’ll be off soon. But I will mixed it with baksoooo! yeah 😀

jeudi: I will watch a movie, therefore am not sure I’m able to have dinner at home.. sigh..

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Le Noel decorations in the city center! Hopefully they will be dressed up soon!

cost of a dream

yeah, let say my imagination has fooled me..
let see, the image of Paris in my mind is different with the real Paris..
it should be perfect, glamour, romantic, and classic.. yet it is dirty, old, and dangerous!

I also always thinking that studying outside Indonesia can give you more knowledge.. in fact, it doesn’t!
the teacher is using same old way, they’re not even smarter than my undegrads lecturer!
I thought it will be more practical, but what we did is reading articles.. hey, its something new! My undergrads lecturer never told us to read articles nor journal..

I don’t learn much of knowledge in terms of class room here.. but I learn to open my mind for something new.. to accept differences and to embrace it..

nobody said this journey would be easy, but surely worth it..

living a dream

today my mom asked me to pursue internship in europe, because i am the only one who can make her (unrealized) dream becoming true.
I am so tired to make my mom proud of me, because she always ask for more. It’s so funny even I don’t know how to face her anymore after being far for few months.. I don’t want to live in the house that she rules.. I want to live my own rules.

All my life, I’m trying to make her proud of me..
but now am tired.. because I just simply wanna be happy..
she didn’t help me to make my dream comes true, but she got the benefits.
No, I don’t hate her.. she’s still my mom and I still love her.
But I’m tired to play this game.. to care about what other’s think of me.. in the matter of fact, I need to follow my heart..

nobody said this gonna be easy, but surely it’s worth it..



I am almost 27 years and 2 months now 🙂

Oh, feels so old! in 3 years i’ll be 30 😦

but as I see behind, God is pleasant enough to give me things that I’ve been wanting for and consider it’s as a life achievement 🙂

So, now.. I don’t have anything left.. and just let the beauty of life comes to me with it’s magical way 🙂

35 more days i’ll meet my BF!

I miss him so much.. he’s my home.. and i’ll come back for him..

4.5 months again :)

Yea, my student life will be ended in the next 4.5 months again..

so stop counting days honey.. you’ll miss these moments, BADLY..

someday you’ll say to your kids, “mommy want to repeat those moments in Rennes.. where I was surrounded by my Utopia.. something mommy couldn’t get in Jakarta.. fresh air, traffic-free, and good transportation..”

I love Rennes, more than Paris..

I just want these times move fast because I miss my BF badly, nothing else.

I have decided to put away every negative energy I had.. and focus on the positive one 🙂

Paris, Madrid, Barcelona les vacances

Rasakan, Resapi, Lihat, dan Hirup..

Rasakan semilir angin Rennes mengacak-ngacak rambutmu..

Resapi setiap percakapan Francophone di dalam bus yang melaju dari beaulieu menuju kampus..

Lihat semua wajah-wajah ayu dengan rias smokey eyes dan rambut light blonde..

Hirup udara dingin menusuk namun segar dari kota ini..

4.5 bulan lagi aku akan meninggalkan kota ini, entah kemana..

kemana Tuhan menghendaki perjalanan hidupku selanjutnya..

To: Future me

Hi Future Stephanie,

I know maybe now you’re cooking at home, trying to get a rest from your screaming baby, or maybe working your butt of at work to get a better living for your children..

I know it must be very tired to do things that (you think) you don’t want, and somewhat it creates burden.. or you feel so old and you miss your young spirit. Here I am, 27 years old Stephanie. Single, happy as I can be, on the pathway called “dream comes true”, but I still wanting some other else..

I want him.

Him, that may become your husband now.

Him, that maybe make you pissed-off so many times, because he’s so insensitive and unromantic.

But today, I hail him..

for everything he did and does for me..

I am very grateful, until this second, that God sent him for me.

I know you must be dealing with a lot of differences and conflicts with him..

but remember, few years ago (which is now) you’re desperately beg for that conflicts to come.. as long as he’s beside you.

2.5 months in Rennes.

I’ll leave this city soon, and this complicated country.

But I’m gonna say thank you for teaching me how to be grateful to my own country..

How it teaches me to learn something more advance.. and make me realized that I’m no stupid than any other people.

Thanks for teaching me to respect myself..

So, future Stephanie.. stop whining and complaining..

you got and get all the things you dreamed for..

you got nothing to complaint..

you are the daughter of God, you deserve all these things.

Love him, because he has done all the things that other guy might never do for a woman.

Love him because what he is, because he loves you as the way you are.